Moved Out Print
Written by Mary   
hi, I recently moved outta home where i was living with my mum and two primary school aged brothers following the escalation of mum's schizophrenia. I was thinking of getting involved in your group as I visit my family every week (primarily to see my brothers) but each time I am berated for being part of the conspiracy and playing tricks, or even worse mum ignores me and talks to her imaginary friend in the spare room I just wind up feeling quite angry.
I always feel so delighted to see my brothers because we get on great, but so agitated at seeing mum. i would like to get to a point where I can better understand her illness and also would like to feel less alienated.

also I am 22 and going to Melbourne uni and am interested in writing an article about general lack of options for children of mentally ill parents-have sporadically written articles for uni since I started uni in 1998. I was hoping that maybe you could help me out with some research material: facts and figures or newsletter type-stuff. any assistance would be much appreciated,

Mary. Australia