Prisons to Love Print
Written by Faye   
My parents met in group therapy at an outreach clinic. My mother had been in an institution and received electric shook treatment, my father suffered from depression and was in and out of prison and a heavy drug user. Just writing this is a "wake up" call for me, because I always knew these things but they became "normal"!
My cousin has recently been hospitalized and is Bipolar...It has brought up a lot for me as she has a little girl who she is raising as I was raised. My mother was more neglectful than violent (unlike my cousin. I did experience violence with my stepmother, whom my father also met at a hospital.

I have nothing to do with my parents anymore. It was heartbreaking for me, especially with my mother. I finally feel "free" and so much better about myself. I've been married for 15 yrs and have two boys. I did "medicate" my pain for years with alcohol. I've worked hard to live a life without that "constant fear" that something would go wrong. Slowly I am building a life that is "safe" and that I enjoy - without all the confusion, drama, and uncertainty. And without "band aids". I feel good and can give myself the love my parents never could.