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Written by Rebecca   

She told the Police that he was a satanist

 My name is Rebecca and I have been dealing with my mothers mental illness for 25 years. When I was twelve she told the police that my father was a satanist and that he was abusing myself and my brother. She aquired a restraining order and had him removed from the house. She then would make my brother and I sit while she made us memorize all the things she said my father did to us that we didn't remember saying we had repressed memory disorder.
She threw me out when I was seventeen telling me she wished I had died instead of my sister.

Now that I'm older, have a child her condition has gotten worse. She calls in the middle of the night to scream at me and tell me I'm a piece of crap, she just got arrested for shoplifting, her house is just stacks and stacks of boxes full of things, and she refuses to take medication of any sort.

When she applied for social security a couple of years ago she had to be mentally evaluated. She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, narcicistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, and muchaussen byproxy. I was able to read up on these disorder but the only information I have been able to aquire on coping is that I need to set boundaries. I feel guilty most of the time, even though logically I know it isn't my fault.

State law where I'm at won't allow me to commit her unless she is a threat to others or herself.

My spouse can't deal well with the change in me every time she has one of her episodes because the way she behaves is a really heavy load for him. I'm afraid that the pain she causes me is so all consuming that it could effect my relationship and my ability as a parent.

I hope that I can find some sort of support group or someone else to talk to, to validate my feelings and maybe some pointers to dealing with her since I can't put her on another planet.

Thanks for listening,

Washington State, USA