Both of my parents made my life hell and now I am going through it again only much worse. Print
Written by Elizabeth   

Is there anywhere to turn?

I am a few years over 50 and I am presently raising my 7 year old grand daughter. Her mom (my own daughter has a serious mental problem) my daughter Anna, i will call her Anna, has been in and out of treatment for years, Anna is 27. When Anna decides she is cured, she does nothing for herself as far as treatment or meds or anything. 
I have been struggling financially physically and emotionally trying to raise my grand daughter Bernice, alone and under these conditions, Bernice, the 7 year old, has a father that chooses not to be with her. No child support, no support of any kind. I will call Bernice's father, Ben. Ben's mother was institutionalized for bi-polar shortly after he was born, which was about 30 years ago. Myself, I have recently gotten beatings. My grandchild has been very emotionally abused and I do not know what to do. I went through hud, got a 3 bedroom house. My daughter, my grand daughter and myself share this house. I keep as much peace as humanly possible. But at times I fear for my life. The police have been at times and unless my daughter beats to a point of bloodshed, they say all I can do is press harassment charges. Which the last time I called them, it was because my daughter was going for a knife after she beat me in the head. At least calling the police broke the moment. Why am i here?? My beautiful 7 year old grandchild lives here too. My grand daughter has ADHD, but at least I can get for her now and hope for the best. My mom was never diagnosed with anything, but she is 70 and I believe the older people do not acknowledge that they could perhaps have a problem. Actually both of my parents made my life hell and now I am going through it again only much worse. Is there anywhere to turn??? I would love the get a way for my grand daughter and I. Actually any informative help where I can get advise of any kind would help. Thank you

North America