Participating Mental Health Units & Family Visiting Room Accreditation Guidelines Print

Download the Jack's Toybox Accreditation Guidelines as a Word Document or PDF.

A basic WAYMI Vision for MH units Worldwide.

We hope all MH units everywhere will have a homely and practical private family visiting room for all Families and Visitors, set aside and separate from treatment rooms, exclusively for family time.

  • For Family Visiting Rooms of Mental Health Units Australia World Wide
  • If your hospital would like to participate in this program or
  • You feel a hospital unit Family Visiting Room may reach a greater standard or category above,
    • It would help us if you can, Send us a photo of your hospital family visiting room with a detailed description of its contents to help us display your hospitals work.

      Please give us a call, or contact nnaami and advise NNAAMI if a hospital family visiting room no longer reaches its standard.

      A big thank you to our Participating Services.